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BMA creates solutions that draw on and synthesize our experience in a number of key areas (real estate, environmental, risk mitigation, information technology) to produce integrated, holistic solutions that balance value-recovery opportunities and risk-mitigation strategies to achieve optimal results for clients.

Real Estate

To maximize value-recovery opportunities, it is necessary to understand an owner’s real estate assets from a market perspective, not just as “brownfields“ (i.e., environmental liabilities). Our real estate expertise allows us to define realistic goals and tap a wide network of resources to evaluate and pursue optimal value-recovery strategies. Specific real estate-related expertise includes:
  • Valuing sites and evaluating markets (industrial, commercial, residential)
  • Identifying synergies among sites within or across markets and packaging / bundling sites for maximum value-recovery and long term risk-mitigation results
  • Understanding and anticipating the concerns of local community development planners, the public and other stakeholders – and how to strategically work around those concerns
  • Determining best end use scenarios, which most often drives the strategy to determine the optimal value-recovery/risk-mitigation strategy for a site


To develop an integrated risk-mitigation plan, it is necessary to understand the environmental condition of a property from both technical and regulatory perspectives. Environmental experience as environmental consultants and advisors allows BMA to evaluate existing site environmental information, identify knowledge gaps, evaluate risks and recommend specific risk-mitigation strategies. Specific environmental expertise includes:
  • Familiarity with environmental laws, regulations and policies (federal, state and local)
  • Experience working with environmental regulatory agencies throughout the US (remediation and compliance)
  • Ability to evaluate remediation risks/costs and options for remediation, which drives risk-mitigation strategies

Risk Mitigation

Effective risk-mitigation planning requires an integrated, holistic approach that reflects a range of concerns, not just the most convenient or expedient approach. BMA has extensive experience creating effective risk-mitigation strategies in a wide range of scenarios. Specific risk-mitigation capabilities include:
  • Creating effective risk-mitigation packages for the full spectrum of contaminated sites
  • Tailoring environmental risk-mitigation to create synergies with proposed end use scenarios
  • Understanding and incorporating risk-mitigation objectives of all internal client stakeholder (legal, business, technical, financial)
  • Understanding need for balanced approach that does not sacrifice value-recovery opportunities for an expedient “quick fix” risk-mitigation scenario

Information Management

BMA offers three proprietary information management systems to support the development of optimal value-recovery and risk-mitigation strategies: Brownfield Online Connexion (BOX™), Risk Online Connexion (ROX™) and Integrated Property Management System (IPMS®).
  • BOX™ is used for property divestments and allows us to present real estate and environmental information to a select group of brownfield specialists for confidential review.
  • ROX™ allows BMA to present environmental cost and risk information to risk transfer companies (RTCs) in a laser-focused format that speeds and facilitates the risk transfer due diligence process, allowing RTCs to provide stronger offers more quickly for our clients than with a more typical “data dump.”
  • IPMS® is an intelligent information management system that integrates and presents in a digestible format a wide variety of data regarding real estate characteristics/value, environmental compliance and remediation issues, carrying costs and other data for large portfolios of properties. IPMS® is the “backbone” of the BOX™/ROX™ platform.
  • Customized IT solutions for managing site risk and liability information for larger portfolios of legacy liabilities.

All BMA information management systems are provided through secure systems that meet or exceed industry data protection standards.